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New rexl feature for viewmaster app

​​We are excited to announce the launch of REXL, a new milestone feature within our ViewMaster application that provides infinite flexibility in the way data can be analyzed in real time. 

REXL Features:

  • ​Data analysis and complex calculations on incoming live data
  • Evaluate long term trends by reviewing historic data
  • Generate live dashboards, charts and reports that automatically update
  • Access live dashboards, charts & reports directly in a browser

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           by George Privalov, Ph.D., CTO

Solving Industry’s

​Sustainability & Reliability Roadblocks



  • Every Fortune 500 Company has a Sustainability Program with major goals to reduce their carbon footprint
  • There is a shortage of Senior Engineering and Maintenance Managers
  • Plant Engineers don't have the time or financial support to initiate energy reduction projects
  • Restricted CAPEX for projects

Our IIOT solution provides

  • ​Easy local data acquisition which is streamed to Cloud Servers
  • Software analytics that filter data for anomalies
  • Reviewed by Domain Experts with access to cloud 
  • Actionable intelligence communicated to site
  • Reduction in energy expense pays service fee and provides savings to customer
  • ROI of Actual vs Baseline documented in Live Data Spreadsheets

Virtual plant & energy engineering 


  • ​Typical Savings are 10-40% vs baseline of system energy expense
  • Rapid ROI with no upfront cost or capital expense
  • GUARANTEED-One year or less simple payback 
  • NO RISK-if for any reason you do not value the service, cancel at any time​

sparks dynamics

Sparks Dynamics is an IIOT technology leader, providing sustainability and optimization services to industrial facilities that can save 10-40% of system operating expense. We focus on optimizing compressed air and other utility systems since they are typically the most inefficient systems in a plant. Our virtual energy & plant engineering service is totally independent of OEMs and when combined with our strategic partners solutions, provides an industry leading total solution. 

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