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  • Domain expertise in Industrial utility equipment, data analytics, and software engineering
  • Optimization solution analyzes millions of data points in seconds
  • Real time detection of system anomalies
  • Custom reports and alarm notifications
  • Integrations available for DCS, SCADA, Historian or Excel data sources​
  • Typical operating expense reduction of 20-50%

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Sparks Dynamics offers optimization, analytics, and predictive maintenance services for site generated utilities through an advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform. Typical projects reduce operating expense by 20-50%

Data is analyzed to provide actionable intelligence that identifies inefficient patterns of operation. An optimization plan is created to formulate specific energy reduction projects.

Projects are designed, implemented, and managed to provide the most energy efficient and reliable solution while meeting customer ROI requirements.

Sparks Dynamics monitors KPIs and equipment control panel information 24/7 with data analytics in real time to ensure operating parameters remain in the performance envelope.

Sparks Dynamics installs a data acquisition system or integrates with existing DCS, SCADA, or historians to baseline current operating conditions.

Baseline System