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Desktop Engineering Application

This application allows engineers to access and analyze live and historic data quickly. Rules based analytics can be edited or added as trends form. Easily perform energy calculations for current and proposed upgrades.


Our analytics continuously monitor your equipment status, energy efficiency and facility security to ensure the operating parameters are within the performance envelope.  Our ViewMaster application is used as an engineering tool to develop analytics and provide energy management services.  It can inform a customer if something starts to go outside of the performance envelope, provides predictive maintenance and in some cases prevent an imminent problem.​ 

Short Cycling

Short cycling leads to inefficient operation as well as premature equipment failure.


Live Spreadsheets feature within ViewMaster App

This new milestone feature within our ViewMaster application provides infinite flexibility in the way data can be analyzed in real time. 

REXL Features:

​-Data analysis and complex calculations on incoming live data

-Evaluate long term trends by reviewing historic data

-Generate live dashboards, charts and reports that automatically update

-Access live dashboards, charts & reports directly in a browser


Sparks Dynamics analytic engine runs 24/7 to detect inefficient energy patterns and potential machine maintenance issues.

Alarms can be sent via email or text immediately or summarized in a report.

Deterministic  Analytics

Centrifugal Compressors Bypassing Air to Avoid Surge

​​Centrifugal air compressors avoid surge by bypassing air once the minimum Amp setting associated with throttled surge is reached.

This can lead to very inefficient operation and cost customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted energy expense.