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chilled water plant audits

Process and comfort cooling systems are one of the major energy consumers in almost any facility. We provide real time and historic data modelling using a combination of existing equipment & control systems supplemented by our ReMaster panel for additional loads. Once we are successfully recording this data we can begin a baseline plot for your facility to make any recommendations toward optimizing your current system. Even after projects are completed, our performance dashboard will continue to monitor individual component & total system performance to ensure your facility maintains an efficient operation.  Predetermined alarm notifications can be setup to alert you when any component exceeds it’s established baseline KPI. We are controls and protocol agnostic and will work with your existing vendors to coordinate any data collection or collaboration.

monitored components may include:

  • System Tonnage 
  • Chiller kW/Ton
  • Primary Pump kW/Ton
  • Secondary Pumping kW/Ton
  • Condenser Pumping kW/Ton
  • Tower Fan kW/Ton
  • ​System kW/Ton
  • ​​Blowdown volume and frequency