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compressed air system audits / compressed air management

Industrial Compressed Air Systems can be one of the most inefficient systems in the typical Industrial Plant- 50% of the energy used to compress air can be wasted through leakage, misapplications, artificial demand, improper compressor control or inefficient equipment. By conducting a compressed air system audit and implementing a 24/7/365 Compressed Air Management solution, an industrial plant can save 15-30% of its compressed air energy bill and enhance reliability. Continuous monitoring and fault condition analytics ensure the system remains in the performance envelope and provides early warning, predictive actionable intelligence of developing machine problems.

Remaster Compressed air management as a service

  • 3 year contract monthly payment
  • $500 monthly equipment/ sensors/ KW meters + $ .50/ HP monitored load
  • Example: $500 (hardware and setup) + $200 (software monitoring) = $700 monthly payment for 3 years
  • After 3 years $200/month
  • Documented Energy Savings of $2,000 /month​ (Basic leak management and application control)
  • ​Positive cash flow years 1-3  $1,300/month $15,600 annually
  • Positive cash flow years 4+  $1,800 /month $21,600 annually​

Compressed air management as a service - economic model

Typical System Implementation Example (Based on an actual manufacturer installation)

  • (2) 200 HP Oil Flooded Rotary Screw
  • One operating 24/7 / and one backup for high usage periods
  • 8760 operating hours per year (maintain pressure throughout the entire week)
  • $ .08 / KWH average energy cost
  • Typical operating KW [160KW-180KW]
  • ​System Energy cost $118,320
  • Industrial SCADA System
  • Modbus Communication
  • Monitor Energy, Flow, Pressure, Temperature
  • Thermal Imaging & Vibration Inputs Optional
  • Collects and Pushes Data to the Sparks Cloud
  • ViewMaster Allows Web Based Access to Data 24/7
  • Remote Air Compressor Monitoring 
  • Data Analytics Alert User to​ System Anomalies

Data Collection System

follow on project for high efficiency / variable speed drive compressor

  • Additional $2,000 a month in savings
  • Compressed air as a service / Payments out of operating budget
  • Additional $500 / month positive cash flow

    Contact us with your system profile and let us design a Compressed Air Management Solution for your facility.


  • ReMaster Data Collection equipment is installed to establish a baseline 
  • System data is analyzed to determine inefficiencies and areas for optimization
  • Propose energy efficiency projects and upgrades.
  • Implement, manage and finance custom projects
  • Continue to verify system performance by tracking real time data. 
  • System alarms and alerts can be sent by email or text
  • ​Measurement and verification for utility rebate projects
ReMaster Data Sheet