remaster as a service

The ReMaster solution is also offered as a service which eliminates up front capital investment.  An initial baseline of the facility's system allows for identification of inefficiencies and improper operation.

System Benefits include:

  • Cloud Remote Monitoring of System KPIs      
       (Mass flow, Pressure, Temperature, Compressor KW, Specific Power)
  • Data Analytics identify system anomalies
  • Monthly system KPI profile and analytic report
  • Email notifications of alerts / alarms
  • Real time access to data streams
  • One way push through firewall and data encryption enhanced security
  • Wired or cellular communication network options
  • Operating lease payment and monitoring service fee combined into
       one low monthly payment
  • No capital required up front
  • Developed and Verified with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

industrial equipment Data collection

Our ReMaster System collects data from a wide range of industrial equipment.  ReMaster can monitor energy consumption, flow, pressure, temperature, vibration, and other sensor data. The collected data is is streamed to cloud servers where it can be viewed and analyzed.  Our expert team will help you make sense of this big data and suggest ways for your company to lower energy consumption through system optimization, repairs and equipment upgrades.


The ReMaster system collects local data streams on the Tridium platform at the industrial site location.  These streams are pushed to the cloud through a data gateway.  This data is then analyzed using rules based artificial intelligence algorithms. System anomalies are generated and distributed to analysts and customers that can take appropriate measures.  Since data and information are stored, analyzed and viewed in the cloud, there is no need to have access to the industrial site thereby solving firewall issues.

Virtually Analyzing Change