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Data Visualization

Sparks Dynamics offers cloud or on-premise dashboards to give industrial users instant access to their current systems KPIs and operating conditions. A mobile feature allows dashboards to be viewed anywhere anytime on your phone. Read More

Chilled water plant audits

Process and comfort cooling systems are one of the major energy consumers in almost any facility. We provide real time and historic data modelling using a combination of existing equipment & control systems supplemented by our Remaster panel for additional loads. We are controls and protocol agnostic and will work with your existing vendors to coordinate any data collection or collaboration.  Read More

Video & thermal imaging

Thermal cameras can detect small rises in heat signatures thereby providing early warning of problems with heat exchangers, bearings, and electrical switchgear.  We are a FLIR distributor. Read More

Remote Compressor monitoring with analytics

Our analytics continuously monitor your equipment status, energy efficiency and facility security to ensure the operating parameters are within the performance envelope.  Our ViewMaster application is used as an  engineering tool to develop analytics and provide energy management services. It can inform a customer if something starts to go outside of the performance envelope, provides predictive maintenance and in some cases prevent an imminent problem.​ ​ ​Read More


Sparks dynamics provides hardware or software solutions to connect data from virtually any system to our analytics engine. Our on site ReMaster panel or integration to a DCS historian are a few of the capabilities that allows us to provide an end to end solution. Cloud or on-premise solutions are both available. Read More

Compressed air system Audits

Industrial Compressed Air Systems can be one of the most inefficient systems in the typical Industrial Plant- 50% of the energy used to compress air can be going to waste through leakage, misapplications and artificial demand.  We establish a baseline by installing our ReMaster Data Collection System and completing a compressed air system energy audit analyzing the data to determine inefficiencies.  Read More

Solutions and services

Industrial manufacturing companies are constantly seeking ways to be more competitive as well as implementing sustainability practices. Monitoring their industrial equipment data and energy consumption to keep things running efficiently and avoid shut downs can save 10-40% of annual operating expense. This information needs to be available anytime, anywhere on the cloud. Our analytics software, running 24/7 on cloud servers can identify anomalies and when combined with our domain experts, can convert big data into actionable intelligence to cut energy costs and optimize your operations.