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Sparks Dynamics provides Verification as a Service to provide customer energy efficiency, reliability, and security sustainability. Sparks Dynamics can inform a customer as soon as something starts to go out of the performance envelope, provide predictive maintenance, and in some cases prevent an imminent problem.

Some examples:

  • Detect unusually high compressed air leak load or misapplication
  • Air Compressor short cycling
  • Large pressure drops
  • Inefficient air compressor loading or sequencing patterns.
  • Specific power (energy efficiency measure) outside of acceptable window
  • Air Compressor temperatures reaching limits of shutdown, coolers need to be cleaned
  • Vibration patterns indicating machine problems
  • Weather forecasts of hot and humid  conditions will shut down compressors or cause plant water problems based on cooler Cold Temperature Differences (CTD) and dryer overload
  • Video flame and smoke detection can detect fires at  the small incipient stage and early warning prevents catastrophic event
  • Thermal cameras can detect small rises in heat signatures thereby providing early warning of problems with heat exchangers, bearings, and electrical switchgear.

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