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Customizable Charts show you how much energy your compressed air system is using and how much money your plant is saving.


After an energy audit of the compressed air system is completed and a baseline is established, current operating conditions are analyzed and energy efficiency projects, reliability upgrades and security enhancements are proposed.  Many utilities are offering large energy rebates for energy efficiency.  Sparks Dynamics can help navigate the rebate process.  Sparks Dynamics provides verification as a service to provide customer energy efficiency, reliability, and security sustainability.

Energy Conservation Measures save 150,000 kwh per year, approximately $15,000

Project Cost $50,000 / Simple Payback 3.3 Years

Utility Rebate $25,000 / New Simple Payback 1.67 Years

Utility Rebates

Utilities are offering substantial rebates for implementing energy conservation measures.  Many utility programs including BGE, Pepco and Delmarva Power will rebate up to half the cost of a custom engineered project such as a ReMaster System with leak management and control modifications to accelerate the payback period.

Example Project:

  • ReMaster Cloud Based Monitoring of Compressed Air System Parameters (KW, Flow,Pressure, Temperature, etc.)
  • Automated fault detection and diagnostics
  • Leak Management Program
  • Demand Side Controls with Automated Valves
  • Enhanced Compressor Control System Pressure Reduction